Mrs. Marrs & Ms. Murphy


Since we have come back to school and have embarked on new educational grades, it’s time for …. DATA COLLECTION!

RAZ Kids is a wonderful resource we use all the time!  The students are able to read various Fiction and Non-fiction books, then answer comprehension questions.  The program allows teachers to discover what reading level your student is able to work on independently.  The 1B students love RAZ because they earn stars and cash them in for all sorts of cool things in the StarZone!

Here we are, hard at work!  =)


 1B Homework

Students will have HW Monday through Thursday night.  The assignment will be written on the point card and reviewed with your student that morning.  The assignments will also be posted on our class website for easy access!  Please see our HW Rewards and HW Grading Rubric below!

1B HW Rewards

HW Grading Rubric 2017 to 2018

Homework Assignments

4th gr Math HW wk of 9-25    (A and H)

4th gr Reading HW wk of 9-25   (H)

5th gr Math HW wk of 9-25 lesson 7-3  (E and J)

5th gr Read HW wk of 9-25  (A, E, J, N)

NL Math HW wk of 9-25  (N)