Ms. Gustafson & Ms. Corry




Reading: Students have begun reading The Lemonade War as a class and have been participating in Literature Circle jobs for each section we read.

                                                                                           Image result for the lemonade war

Math: Students spent the first couple weeks of school learning about budgeting, salaries, and real life expenses. This was a great real-life connection for all the students!


STEM: Science, Math, Engineering and Technology – An exciting new addition in 2D this year has been a weekly STEM period.  Each week the students are presented with a challenge and they have to either work independently, in pairs, or as a class to probem solve and complete the challenge.  So far this year students have created an “Apple Annihilator” (a wrecking ball that would knock down markers), towers that could withstand a hurricane, and buildings that could survive an earthquake. 







As part of their daily homework students should be reading a minimum of 15-20 minutes each day (Monday-Thursday) and having their reading log signed.


If your child forgets their homework folder please have them complete the following:

  • Reading Response based on what they read for their reading log
  • 25 Math Questions on Prodigy