Ms. Gustafson & Ms. Corry




Reading: Students each completed plot diagrams, which was their first independent reading project, and did a great job.  Now in class we are reading “Cracker! The Best Dog In Vietnam”. The students have been having classroom discussions, completing literature circle jobs, and using what we’ve learned from our reading books to analyze the text.  We have also incorporated social studies into these class periods by learning more about the Vietnam War. 

                                                                   Image result for cracker the best dog in vietnam lesson plans

Math: Students are working in small math groups on various topics including multiplying and dividing decimals, operations with rational numbers, and  scientific notation.

STEM: Science, Math, Engineering and Technology – Our weekly S.T.E.M. period continues to be an exciting addition in 2D.  Each week the students are presented with a challenge and they have to either work independently, in pairs, or as a class to probem solve and complete the challenge.  Each week we see improvements not only in completing their challenges but with how the students are working together.  


 As part of their daily homework students should be reading a minimum of 15-20 minutes each day (Monday-Thursday) and having their reading log signed.


If your child forgets their homework folder please have them complete the following:

  • Reading Response based on what they read for their reading log
  • 25 Math Questions on Prodigy