MPA Brochure 2011

Weather Delay Information

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Winter is Coming!!  Closings and Delays!!

For MPA students who ride Statewide buses, there is at times confusion as to what happens if one district is delayed and another one isn’t.  Is MPA delayed?  Is the bus delayed?

FIRST THING: Know your child’s Statewide Bus Route!  Click below to download  a copy of the morning and afternoon routes:  Statewide Busing MORNING Routes    Statewide Busing AFTERNOON Routes

SECOND: Check this web site,  the MPA Facebook Page, local TV stations (Channel 12, 10, 6 or Fox-64) or local radio stations to see if MPA is open.  You can also check Operation Snowball.  

THIRD: Download and save the MPA Adverse Weather policy, so you know how to handle delays, early dismissals, and closings due to weather  MPA Weather 2015-16