The “Specialists”

Mr. Tingle – Physical Education/Health

Mrs. Laflamme – Art

Ms. Gilden, Mr. Perry & Mr. Scarboro – Behavioral Specialists

Ms. Barber & Ms. Slack – Occupational Therapy

Dr. Hummel – Speech/Language

MPA provides integrated services throughout the school day.  For instance, during Art, it would not be uncommon for the occupational therapist to also be in the room, helping children with fine motor or sensory processing issues.  Behavioral Specialists are frequently in the milieu, carrying our student-specific reward plans or assisting teachers with classroom instruction.  Speech/language may co-teach lessons with classroom teachers.  Mr. Tingle, MPA’s PE/Health teacher, and also the facility’sHandle With Care instructor, is frequently in the classroom and general milieu watching and tweaking behavior management interventions as needed.